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Wellness Simplified

Monthly Nutrition Clinics at Fitness Coliseum

Beginning May 2018




Simplifying wellness. Establishing habits that evoke progress.

Creating your wellness lifestyle.

Wellness Simplified is nutrition and wellness coaching in a group setting. Each  month we introduce one of the Wellness Simplified Ideals, discuss how we will implement the Ideal into our every day lives, establishing a positive habit. Clients spend the next 30 days embracing and mastering the Ideal and arrive the following month ready to evolve their wellness lifestyle even more, as we take on introduction of the next concept.

Contact Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Tasha Staley,  details.

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Track your progress

Incorporate in depth body composition analysis to track progress in fat loss, muscle mass gain and change in overall body fat percentage, in addition to more specific data like visceral fat level, water and BMR. Set up at one-one-one Body Composition Analysis and Consultation. Having all of this data can be very motivating! Set goals based on these metrics and aim to reach them!

What is Wellness Simplified

What is Wellness Simplified?

Wellness Simplified is coaching centered around nutrition and how it is the foundation of overall wellness --feeling good, reaching optimal body composition, maintaining awesome energy and really aspiring towards all of your goals.

The coaching is revolved around the 7 Ideals of Wellness Simplified. Each month we gain knowledge and perspective on each Ideal, learn the why and how we're going to implement it. We travel through the 8 months with an end goal of creating a newfound wellness lifestyle --a permanent way of living, thinking, and decision making that, ideally, begins to come naturally. By introducing and embracing only one habit change each month, it gives us the opportunity to really hone in on it and make it an innate part of our daily practice. So, as we create our wellness lifestyle it truly becomes our way of living rather than a temporary set of rules or choices.

Be a part of Wellness Simplified! Live the lifestyle that makes you your best!