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February 5, 2019

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Make It Stick

August 1, 2018


The saga of a goal:


This is my Summer 2017 goal. I will accomplish it by the Fourth of July.


Turned into “I will reach it before the holidays begin.”


Unmet, then waned through December.


Resurrected New Year’s 2018.


Spring Fever, “I’ve got this! Clean house, clean eating; making it happen.”


Full circle. This is my Summer 2018 Goal.


And now we’ve reached August. Is this the month that it’s finally going to stick? Or should you wait until Monday. Goals won’t stick unless you begin on a Monday, right? But today is August 1st. Isn’t the first day of a month better than a Monday. Ah! Why can’t those two just coincide?! October begins on a Monday this year. That’s ideal. That synchronization will definitely make a goal stick. Not to mention, that tropical vacation planned in December; three months is just enough time to get the physique you’ve been striving for (since last summer, come to think of it).

Does any of this resonate with you? Creating a goal is one thing, but getting it to truly stick, without the never ending restart and reset saga can be an unimaginable feat. We’ve continued this pattern for so many years now; I mean, the above timeline likely mirrors 2016, 2015, etc. This way of thinking is so ingrained now, it may just seem that this is how goals work. We are always striving, working, we never get to just coast. Or, if we do coast, it then calls for that reset. I’m reinstating my goal Monday, October 1st!


Is this living a lifestyle of wellness? Ugh, it’s exhausting. When I conjure up a feeling of wellness in thought form, I see a lifestyle the energizes and enlivens me, not wears me out or exhausts. I feel a lightness and ease, rather than a striving and stress. I feel nourished and strong. I feel a sense of natural self-control that brings on a confidence each and every time I realize that I can trust myself when I say I’m going to make a choice in favor of my wellness.


This clarity is what makes it stick. The realization of what true wellness is to you, is exactly the key that unlocks the nirvana that is lifestyle wellness —rather than compulsive goal setting.


I encourage you to take time for introspection. Get a pen and paper and write down your foundational wellness goals. What does your ideal life feel like in terms of wellness. Think big picture, your foundational goals should be a constant driving force in your life. They’re not going to get checked off ever. For example, living a high quality of life or feeling a high self-esteem. Living disease-free or feeling more  every year. Let if flow.


Use the worksheet below as exercise to gain clarity on your wellness goals, on every level.

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