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February 5, 2019

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Blog Day One

June 29, 2016



As I sit here typing the first entry of my newfound blog I am experiencing nostalgia, thinking of the happenstances, meetings, conversations and events that have brought me here. I am coming up on my birthday in 11 days and as I think back on my last birthday I realize that I had absolutely no intention of pursuing my fitness and wellness career aspirations. I was contentedly working at an optometry office with my end career goal being office manager. Now, as I approach this birthday I am filled with an ambition and tenacity that I have never felt before. I have a vision-- a big vision-- of my future, and I fully believe that this motivational fire that has ignited inside me is all I need to drive me to fulfill my visionary dream!


But, before I get too carried away, I want to fill you in on how I came from optometry office to personal trainer, lifestyle wellness coach. Though I had always wanted to pursue health and fitness (that is what I earned my college degrees towards), the positions that I came across in the industry never fully panned out; thus, I had genially resigned to the fact that optical team leader (and eventually office manager) would be my livelihood. Although, I hadn’t ever wanted my hard earned (and debt-inducing) degrees to go unused, so I conjured up a following for Boot Camp classes in my small town. I instructed these fitness classes a couple times a week, after work and on the weekends, at the local elementary school.

After a couple years of Boot Camp, one of my friends and pupil told me about another studio she had been training at and how I would love it. I took in what she said, but didn’t act on it for months. Finally, one Saturday morning, I trekked over to Fitness Coliseum to get my butt kicked at Boot Camp. Sure enough, my friend was on point, and I had an immediate liking to the facility, the people, and the trainer; but, I hadn’t ventured out there for anything other than a good sweat session, so nothing life changing yet. I went to Boot Camp a couple times following that first day and I introduced myself to Alec as a CPT not just a Boot Camper, sent over my resume and the rest is history!


Well, not quite. That was in December, and I contemplated the career change for a good two solid months before I made the leap. I had gotten so far away from my original career aspirations that they didn’t really seem that viable or even vivid in my mind at that point. I was comfortable in my hourly rate employ, my set schedule and the simplicity of knowing what to expect.


When I finally made the decision, many pros and cons lists and discussions later, I felt exhilarated and nerve wrecked. God, I hope I could succeed!

With the help of Alec, my mentor and colleague, I learned a tremendous amount, networked, and was introduced to some of my favorite people --my clients! This small journey is what has gotten me here, typing this blog entry with a whole new take on my career, my goals and what is to come. I am running full throttle ahead, aiming to inspire and enlighten everyone I come into contact with about how simple wellness is and how feeling good --heck, feeling awesome! – is well within our reach, simply by being mindful of what is good for our bodies, what brings on those good vibes and what fills us with that energy and zest for life!


So, Blog Day One: It’s the dawning of a new day –bring on the wellness, bring on the feel good!


Yours Truly,


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