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  • Tasha Carroll

Not of This World

A world of fear based advice and conversations built on complaining. Choosing to see the negative in people rather than recognizing the light. Bracing against reality and then fighting change and wishing away the present.

That is not my world. Not anymore at least. I first had this realization when I began to feel repelled from it instead of a part of it. At first, I contracted or reacted when I was exposed to these interactions. Now, I am learning to be open. I let the different perspective come to me and pass through me as if I’m a screen. I try to understand it, have empathy, and take what I need to learn from it; but know that it is not my energy to hold.

This has taken time to figure out. It’s taken a lot of feeling and clearing out to determine that I am not of this world. I experience it, even appreciate it, and I try in every instance not to judge. And I am getting better, much better, at the non-judgement. I know that every person is coming from their own world. A world full of a past and a world full of perspectives and thoughts and needs and dreams. And none of our worlds are exactly the same.

Gratefully, some of our worlds are similar. Some of our worlds are synchronistic, and they sync so well that they magnetize together. That’s when our world expands, and we grow, and get to become better. It is magic.

I visited a place with someone I barely knew, stayed at a strangers home, in a beach town I had never been to, and felt the most comfortable and at ease I’d ever felt. There was something about it that made me feel like, “This is my world.”

And it wasn’t just the perfection of it all. Because, let me be transparent, it was idyllic. But that wasn’t all that drew me in. It was the absolute friendliness with zero overwhelm. There wasn’t a need to force a ‘get to know you’ conversation. Rather, an openness and welcome was all that existed. I felt an unspoken offering of, “Please, share this space and this wonderful place on earth with us.”

There was an implicit invitation of, “Enjoy it as you may.” There were no expectations, no pressure. Simply be as you are, make of it what you will.

Each person was going on about their way of leisure. Conversing and casually offering invitations in which the state of the RSVP did not matter. It was the essence of being present and open to whatever came your way. It was vacation, yes; but there was an undercurrent of energy that let you know that this was a way of life. The happiness and ease, the openness and friendliness was a style of living, regardless of vacation mode.

What I took away from it was that it was pervasive, no matter the environment, idyllic beach town or not. It was a thoughtful way of living. It was having such an appreciation for what is that all you need is the present moment. It was a way of life that savored essence and dwelled in the moment. It was an extreme openness to people and goodness and joy and nature.

I’ve witnessed myself and others taking a backwards approach to this paradigm. Unconsciously waiting for our environment to be conducive to the way we want to feel and be. Waiting for the circumstance to support our ability to feel good and show up as our best selves. We feel that we cannot exist with confidence and ease until everything in our life lines up just so.

This leads us to operating in a cause and effect way, in which we believe that our external life experience is what causes our energy. When in fact, it is the exact opposite. Our internal energy and way of being is what causes our reality. The way we choose to exist and experience the world around us, creates our world. We must feel it, then become deeply aware of it. We must feel that, “This is my world” resonance with a certain way of life, then assume that energy in every aspect of our lives. We must be aware of the varying worlds of everyone around us and choose to appreciate and encounter them, without assimilating. We must maintain our truest, most authentic energy so that we may sync up with the people we want share our worlds with; share ourselves with.

We must assume the energy to find the magic.