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  • Tasha Carroll

100 [cosmic] Burpees in a Minute

Updated: Jan 16

I stumbled upon a new awareness. It’s been liberating. I have found this whole new freedom and support and love, that honestly I didn’t really know existed.

I’ve seen all of the social media mantras and uplifting quotes encouraging us all to,

“Love yourself first.”

and, “If you want to find the love of your life, look in the mirror.”

I understand the words are meant to build us up, help us to be independent and confident; but what the hell does it really mean?

For me, not much. I mean there is this surface level appreciation for self-love and being unapologetically yourself, etc. But the actual embodiment of these concepts seemed elusive. So out of reach that I often thought, “Does anyone actually feel this way about themselves? Seriously, do people really operate in this realm of total self acknowledgement and compassion?”

The thing is, I have met some that do. When you’re in the presence of those people it’s quite profound. The energy is amazing. You feel comfortable because they are so at ease and self-assured and happy, simply being near them puts you at ease. Their energy is so darn good that it literally encompasses you. You don’t feel envious necessarily, but you do feel good and you want it to rub off on you somehow. And as you exit the encounter you usually come away thinking, “Wow. They are AWESOME. I want to get to that level.”

So yes, I do believe that there are humans among us that just rock, that much. But, I don’t believe they’ve come to that level of self-possession, freedom, and ease by aiming to live by the quote, “Fall in love with yourself.” It’s not that simple. It takes some work. A lot of work.

Have you ever done a burpee? There’s a fitness move called a burpee and it’s challenging. Especially when you do a lot of them in a row. It involves strength and cardio, and engages every muscle group, plus has multiple steps to it. So it’s hard work.

I completed a meditation the other day entitled ‘Cosmic Burpee’. As I type this, I'm getting it. The level of awareness that was being broached in that short guided meditation session was not for the faint of heart. It was referring to the fact that it takes WORK. Awareness requires continual, consistent work. Like 100 burpees in a minute kind of work. Even more accurate, 100 burpees in a minute, each day.

What the ‘Cosmic Burpee’ script opened me up to was the realization of my true self and my human self.

This is heavy lifting, I’m telling you; but it’s worth exposing yourself to this, I promise.

As I’ve let this awareness roll around the past few days I can feel myself changing. For the better. I’m beginning to have complete confidence in myself and my aspirations and my wellness. In everything. It’s kind-of magical.

When you get still, and silent, and somewhat serene, you become more aware of yourself. You can choose to become really in tune with your breath or simply try to notice that your thoughts are just thoughts and that you can choose to let them float by like leaves on a pond, rather than engaging with every single one that comes up. This is mindfulness. It’s a big deal. It takes a lot of practice. Meditation is the practice.

If you’re intrigued at all, I extremely urge you to try it and see how your life changes. Because it will, without a doubt.

This awareness is like a push-up. It takes effort. There is a level of difficulty. You must practice push-ups every day to get good at them, and the moment you stop working on your push-ups, it’s noticeable.

But here’s the all out BURPEE. Can you pull all the way out of your earthly self, the physical human being with a mind and an awareness of thoughts and see yourself as just that. See yourself as a human being experiencing this radical thing called life on earth. Can you create a sort of separation from your true self, your ‘soul’ maybe, the part of you that does not need a physical body to exist; and your human self, the part of you that has a name and a mind and a life and challenges and joy and relationships. You can. It’s a helluva burpee, but it’s possible.

Once you can, and be patient because most people do not walk into the gym on day one and feel ready to dive into 100 burpees in a minute. Actually almost no one does. So just read this, let it sink in, and go from there. But, once you can establish that separation, that awareness of the varying ‘selfs’, then the magic happens. That self-assured, serene, badass vibe happens.

This is why: Your true self has ALL the power. Your true self is connected to the ultimate energy source. Your true self is a derivative of God, Source, the Universe.


Ok, so when we can wrap our mind, or better said, our awareness, around the fact that there is a true self that holds all the power, that is with you always and available to you whenever you choose to be aware, then everything we want and desire becomes available to us. Career goals, wellness endeavors, partnerships and friendships. This true self exists for you and is you. Once you get clear enough, the energy and power flows through you, as you.

Your true self sees you and says, “You’ve got this. Stay aware, stay with me, and we can co-create. We can do anything. But you must trust me.” And here’s the big part. You, as your human self, with the name and all that, has to be trustworthy too. It’s about to get funky. Your self must be able to trust your self.

When you say, “I want to be lighter, have less body fat, eat food that nourishes me, and not consume excess.” Your true self is like, “Hell yes!!’ ‘This is exactly what we need to feel good.” But then, you break the trust with your self. You overindulge, you eat crappy processed food, you get drunk, whatever it may be. And then you feel discouraged and ashamed. And worst of all, disconnected; awareness wanes and you feel solo, like only your human self exists.

But really, your true self is still there saying, “It’s ok, I still love you and completely support you and I understand that you’re HUMAN and shit happens. You’ve got a whole lot of worldly stuff going on, and I just commend you for still being able to hear me. So let’s regroup, you’ve got this. I trust you. I know that you can grow from this and do better next time.”

And the thing is, with that kind of badass love and support, you really do, do better.