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  • Tasha Carroll

Recognizing the Contradiction

Updated: Jan 16

"I don’t have enough time."

An incessant thought that likely occupies all of our minds multiple times a day. Often, that’s just the prefix. It leads to,

“I don’t have enough time to do all the things..

— I want to do.”

— I need to do.”

— I want to experience.”

— that are required for me to achieve my goals.”

The verbiage we use goes on and on. And it’s not just inside our minds. We speak it as well. We tell our friends and loved ones about our lack of time. We excuse our short comings with the explanation of too little time in a day. We wish for more hours in a day.

I’m not about to tell you to prioritize. The lack of time is a reality for many of us, in the way we choose to live our lives. With intense ambition and the level of achievement we set for ourselves, our families, and our careers there really is a whole lot to fit in. Some of us may thrive on that constant striving energy and find fulfillment in all of the avenues we’re pursuing. Others may not thrive in that environment, if that’s you, then yes, you should prioritize and cut out all the excess; but that isn’t anything you haven’t heard before.

Instead, what I want to bring to the foreground is the contradiction that we’re constantly creating. Each day, over and over, we are putting out mixed signals and misaligned thoughts and energy. We think we are clear and on a direct path to what we want. We are driven, thus we have so many things to do in not enough time. We’re speaking about needing our days to contain more hours, yet at the exact same time, we are also wishing time away, hoping and praying and asking that our desired outcomes come to us sooner and quicker.

It may not seem obvious at first, but when you break it down, it’s kind-of insanity. “Please, could I just have four more hours in my day.”

At the same time, “I cannot wait until I’m at my perfect weight. I wish I could lose 20 pounds in two weeks.”

“I wish I was in my dream job already. I really hope the perfect opportunity comes before the end of this year.”

As much as we want to be able to have our cake and eat it too, these ways of thinking are totally misaligned. If you need more time to fit in all of the things that you MUST do, and you continually think that and speak that, well you’re probably going to be given more time. In the sense that your next level or next phase, your most desired outcome, is not going to become your reality any time soon. You’re dedicating all of your energy to the tasks and obligations that take up every ounce of your time to the extent that you’re vying for longer days so that you can keep doing those same tasks and obligations. The Universe will literally give you more time. Infinitely. And you’ll always be wondering why aren’t the things I want most happening?! Well, because you’re requesting more time for all the OTHER things.

While we continue operating in the mindset that all of these things (which we don’t have enough time for) are of the utmost importance, then how could we possibly have space to welcome a fabulous career opportunity?

Then, there’s also the predicament of sustainability. Let’s say somehow we did shed 20 pounds in just two weeks; a miracle is granted to us! But, we still have NO TIME. So how the hell do we sustain this wonderful miracle that was given to us? There is no time to prep the wholesome food we need, learn the way of life that supports this newfound body, or find the time to be active enough to maintain our ideal physique. So what’s the point anyway? The miracle would be in vain because we still believe we have no time.

As we recognize this disconnect, it may become obvious why our desired outcomes seem to not be coming to us easily. Our wanting is not enough. We have to be clear enough and aware enough that we create space for them to fit into our reality.

So ask yourself, what do you want most? What do you keep wishing would just happen already? Then take it a step further and determine if you’re contradicting it instead of making space for it and welcoming it with clear and open arms.