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  • Tasha Carroll

Figuring It Out

We’ve heard it time and time again, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I agree. But then we also contradict that notion slightly when we place such an importance on goals. A goal is the destination. There is a place for both of these forms of thinking. 

To me, experiential living is relishing the journey, loving yourself through every misstep, embracing each time you’re redirected, all the while using the entire experience to grow and discover. I mean, this is the essence of life itself; being here and going through the adventure. Complimenting experiential living, is intentional living; always being able to see yourself beyond the present moment in the form that you desire. That may translate to having a laser focus on a specific goal or it may feel like a more abstract form of goal, a way that you envision yourself; becoming a business mogul, creating an empire, being a published author, affecting the collective with new forms of thinking and being, freedom and means to travel, forming and leading a family. In some way, shape, or form you determine your desired outcome and you set out to achieve that. The coupling of these two realms of thought are the ultimate path to well-being. It is when we polarize them, that we become discouraged, burnt-out, or unsuccessful. To take this a step further, I’m coming to realize that wellness, in it’s most sustainable and fulfilling sense, is the product of this experiential-intentional living. You must have both to discover what you need to be well; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. All of it. It’s so intertwined. We focus so single-mindedly on the physical aspect, because its the most practical and easy to grasp. It’s obvious if you are physically unhealthy, overweight, etc. As you begin to really become aware of your choices throughout your experience, though, you come to know that your internal goings-on are what have such a ginormous impact on your physical body and health. Your mentality and emotional intelligence are the determining factors in every choice that you make. With that, we need to embrace the big picture if we want to find the holy grail of wellness we’re searching for. The ability to just live without dieting, the option to stay fit without being cemented in to one means of fitness. We need to use our awareness to discover things about ourself; about the practices, environment and support we personally need to make choices day in and day out that lead us to our goals. This is what turns our wellness from a task list to a lifestyle. You begin to come to know yourself so thoroughly, trust yourself, and honor your needs, that you create an entire lifestyle that supports ultimate well-being. Your hobbies encourage your fitness. The adventures you go on move your body and expose you to wholesome, delicious, body-fueling foods. The people you surround yourself with in work and play pull you forward, guiding you, inspiring you, supporting you; and vice versa. It no longer becomes a constant pursuit. Instead wellness becomes your entire life and everything else falls into place.