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  • Tasha Staley

The Secret Exposed

What is the secret to sustainable weight loss? If losing fat is something you’re striving for, discovering the solution to this question could be worth so much to you. I’m here to tell you the answer based on my experience thus far.

Surprisingly it’s not eat less, move more —although, that strategy does have some legitimacy, but it’s not enough. That part is not secret. The adage of eat less and move more is obvious. Discovering the secret is uncovering the less obvious necessity to achieving your wellness goals.

In order to truly succeed in improving your nutrition and losing weight, you have to know WHY it is so important to you. What is the driving force behind your fat loss endeavor; the reason you want to be lean and toned. Why are you compelled to make the choice that encourages nutrition and wellness rather than the instant gratification you’re craving? Unearthing the purpose behind your thinner, healthier vision is monumental.

That is the first part of the secret: You must have a solid understanding as to WHY this is important to you.

The second part of the secret is CONSISTENCY. Once you have established your purpose or driving force for wellness and nutrition, you must be consistent in your action. One good choice, one great day, even a solid week of wonderful nutrition does not create a lifestyle. And a lifestyle is what’s needed for sustainable results.

Ok! So you have the secrets —now put in the mental and physical effort to put them to use.

I’ve put immense thought into why wellness is so important to me; what causes me to be so interested and passionate about optimal nutrition, excellent hydration, ideal body composition, high quality foods, decreasing inflammation, and fitness.

Here is my answer:

I truly believe wellness and nutrition are the root of reaching my potential. Eating well and fueling my body as superbly as possible is what allows me to live well.

Living well means feeling good, being filled with energy, having confidence to go after the things I want, feeling in control of my food choices, having active hobbies, and partaking in fitness I enjoy. Living well is exuding a positive aura that breaths life into other’s wellness journeys. Living well is actualizing the potential of my body and mind through health, fitness and nutrition. Simply, living my life at peak performance so that I may get the most out of every experience and moment.

When you are ready to succeed in fat loss and better nutrition, take some time to write down your WHY. Make it personal. Make it detailed.

Next, take the knowledge you have about optimal nutrition choices and be consistent about enacting better choices every single day. If you don’t think you have a good picture of what optimal nutrition is, start learning! Enlist the expertise of a nutrition and wellness coach, read a book to increase your awareness, and gain insight friends and family who are living out their wellness lifestyles.

The secret is simple: Determine exactly why you want to {blank} .

{Achieve wellness, improve your nutrition, lose weight, get lean, tone up}

Then take action, and make those actions consistent. Make choices that will progress you towards your goal multiple times a day, every single day.

Here’s to you!