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  • Tasha Staley

The Simple Life

Updated: Jan 16

Simple. At first this word kind of turned me off. Who wants a simple life? Or wants to be described as a “simple” person? Simple means boring, uneventful, lacking any complexity. Simple-minded folks are dull and ill-witted and slow thinking. No thank-you. I don’t want to epitomize any of those traits.

Exciting, exhilarating, social, and charismatic; exemplifying complexity and intellect with a quick wittedness and a great sense of humor. Now THAT is how I want to be narrated. Simple does not even touch that description.

Or does it?

Think of a lifestyle you desire or a person who is living out their life in a way that you admire. You may envision having a passion; a hobby that truly fulfills you, lights that inner fire, you feel exhilarated (see above –wink wink) when doing “it”. You picture yourself attending social events and truly enjoying everyone’s company. You feel charismatic (again, wink wink) as you converse, because these are your people; your good, true to heart friends that you love and feel comfortable around. These are the people that bring out the best in you and build you into an even better version of yourself. They bring about that fun quick-witted humor (I think you get it now..) you possess and make you smile. Also, you imagine yourself having this goal you want to accomplish that really drives you (not a million little ones, but this one ambition that really seems to rise above the rest). It challenges you, but you revel in the way that you can tap into your intellect every moment you strive towards it. Gosh, you’re more endowed in the brains department than you knew! –and dang it feels good! Exciting even.

Now THAT is the life. That sounds amazing. And it is indeed, SIMPLE. Simple means prioritize. It means decide which hobby means enough to you to be your passion (and let the others go by the wayside), which social events do you truly look forward to (and say, “Thanks, but no-thanks.” to the ones that feel obligatory), which friends cultivate the positive aspects of your personality (and lose time for the ones that accomplish the opposite), and what goal unequivocally excites you (and cross the rest off the list, or at least put them on the back burner for the next chapter of your life).

These aspects of your life, that rise to the top, are the real deal; the stuff that fulfills you, makes you happy and makes you feel good –mind, body and spiritually healthy. These are your priorities.

The rest is just mumbo jumbo, hub-bub, getting in the way of what really matters and the life you avidly want to be living. That mumbo-jumbo is stress, busy-ness, and frankly unnecessary. So be done with it. Streamline and SIMPLIFY your social life, family life, goals and passions. And then really start living that phenomenal grin-inducing life that you just envisioned above.

That’s right. The simple life.

Yours Truly,