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  • Tasha Staley

Live & Let Die -Paul

So we’ve all heard the term “non-negotiable”. We use is when we’re talking business, when we’re trying to make a deal or even when we’re listing out the traits of a perfect partner. We all have our non-negotiables in life –and if they really mean something to us, as they should (I mean we put them in that supreme category of the utmost importance for a reason), we truly stick to them.

So why not determine what your non-negotiable luxuries are in the culinary department and then just leave the rest out to dry?

To clarify: Decide which edible entities are completely and utterly satisfying and gratifying (when not over done ---refer to June 30th Blog post re: overindulgence), and then say good riddance the rest. Because, why sacrifice your wellness, fitness, physique and feel good vibes for anything sub-par. It’s just not worth it. Not to mention, you and your goals are far more worth it!

So right now, either on paper or in your head, make a list of the two or three food fares that you know contribute to or induce your feel good vibes (versus stomp out the feel good). Top on my list is a decadent cheese nosh; goat cheese and asiago seem to be my favorites at the moment. I feel like a yummy cheese feels indulgent and totally fulfilling when I’m craving something rich and full of flavor. Next, a refreshing glass of wine. Now, not the overdone inebriation of wine, simply a few ounces of heavenly recreational liquid that leads to an easy going spirit. A dry Rosé or a semi-sweet white seem to be my go-to choices this summer. And, every once in a while a sweet ice cream treat falls on that roster; especially in the tropical heat of mid-summertime.

OK good, we’ve got our non-negotiables solidified. And therefore, EVERYTHING ELSE isn’t worth it. The bun on the burger or hotdog, the cookie sitting in the lounge on the counter at work, the second helping of potato salad at the BBQ or the handful of chips during the evening TV wind down routine. These things didn’t make the line-up of absolutes, so we will say ‘no thank-you’ and ‘sayonara’ because our health, fitness and wellness missions are far more worthy and rewarding.

Live! –and let the rest die.

Yours Truly,