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  • Tasha Staley

Caffeine & Buoyancy

The dreaded “back to reality” day. The day after a vacation or long holiday weekend. We relished our (non) agenda of relaxing; sans alarm clocks, schedules and expectations. Our only “plans” were to lounge, read, laugh, explore, and catch up with friends and family.

But that was yesterday, TODAY we must tackle the world head on, fulfill our to do list, figure out every mental challenge we’re facing (today!), be sure to socialize sufficiently with our peers and be in the know on current events. The easy going, light feeling of leisure and well-being has –poof! –transformed into an overwhelmed, not-enough-time-EVER feeling.

So let’s try to defy that transformation! We are in control of how we feel and our perception of our schedule and priorities. Instead of struggling, worrying and stressing (which, no matter how much mind space and time we allot for these things, they still solve nothing, get us nowhere and accomplish nothing) –let’s focus on being present in our current conversation, meeting or project; putting forth our absolute best, and ENJOY it. This reality is our everyday life, it shouldn’t be a struggle it should be a joy; just like our long weekend. So let’s make it that way; make the shift from struggling to thriving and loving our everyday routine.

Here’s how I am shifting. One, I’ve mostly got down pat; the other I’m trying to master.

One: Energy! Lack of energy makes everything seem daunting; but the moment you get your energy up, everything is doable and the day begins to just fall into place as you conquer one thing after another. I am addicted to a good kick of caffeine (my favorite: slow, cold-brewed iced coffee with a splash of almond, cashew or coconut milk). Caffeine truly makes me feel like I can take on the world somedays. Our lifestyle will give us energy too. Restful nights (don’t stay up late for nonsense –pointless TV etc.), workouts and a whole foods diet hike up our energy level ten-fold.

Two: Buoyancy. We have this natural buoyancy in our life that, if we stop struggling, just lifts us up. I got this note from the Universe (*) the other day that stated,

“Floating is easiest when you surrender and let your own, natural buoyancy lift you up. It’s the same for your natural tendencies of health, healing, clarity, love, living abundantly and in joy …let them be EASY. Struggling is counterproductive. You were born to have it all.”

We need to stop struggling and simply do our best in the moment we’re in. Make decisions based on where we’re at and what we know now. And then let it be. Don’t worry about tomorrow, or if what we’re doing today is right or enough. It is! The clarity, abundance and feeling of having it all will actualize in no time!

Stop struggling, allow things to be easy, have some caffeine and let’s go! Every day will be a vacation day for us :)

Yours Truly,


*Email me if you want to get correspondence from the Universe as well; I’ll send you the info.