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  • Tasha Staley

Feel Good, Enjoy Life this Fourth of July Weekend

Many of us spend days or even weeks looking forward to the monumental summertime weekend of 4th of July. The weekend that we relax, grill, spend time outside and up north, on lakes and at cabins, with family and good friends. We take extra vacation days to make the weekend as everlasting as possible, workout and watch what we eat leading up to our Independence Day so that we can feel great and look great in our board shorts and bikinis and we think to ourselves, “I’ll be strict this week, so that this weekend I can just indulge.”

Well, let’s delve into that mindset for a moment. Indulging is good for our mind, our morale our well-being. When we consider something to be indulgent we almost always view it as something positive; it makes us feel good. And in my mind, one of the cornerstones of wellness is to simply feel good! So on that note, indulging is essential to our wellness. Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: over-indulgence. This is when that decadent s’more, juicy burger or bliss-inducing beverage crosses the line from making us feel good, to, well not.

So let’s totally indulge this weekend. Eat that yummy burger that just came off the grill with some fresh red onion, tomato and romaine; but, eat it slowly. Be mindful of when you’re getting full and then be done with it. That way you truly enjoy it and when your indulgence is all said and done, you still feel good and you feel good about it! Sip your favorite brew and slip into the sweet laze of vacation time; but, hover in that euphoric buzz, don’t fly past it and regret it in the morning (in terms of hangover and wayyy to many cals).

The things that we look at so fondly and call them indulgences are often the exact same things that we view as our adversaries in fitness in wellness. What we can realize is that it’s really not the commodity that is making us feel good or the opposite; it’s our choice of indulging versus over-indulging. So let’s give ourselves brazen permission to relish the moments, indulge in our favorites and delight in family time and fireworks; but, let’s say good riddance to the excess that makes us go from vacation elation to vacation devastation ;)

Yours Truly,


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